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When you add the money spent on advertising, Sourcing, interviewing, doing checks and recruiting again in the case of a bad higher, using Newa Human Solutions is more cost effective and time saving

We have access to a large pool of candidates specialising in different skills and industries. We collect, assess, check references and determine if the candidate is fit for the vacant position. Our growing database enables us to quickly absorb suitable candidates.

Many companies advertise on their website, not all jobseekers know about the vacancies or your company, that is why we use different platforms to advertise vacant positions to hire as quick as possible. Not all jobseekers are actively looking for employment, we promote and craft the job position to enable those hard-to-find candidates to apply.

If you are unsatisfied or the candidate resigns within the first 3 months of employment, we will replace the candidate for no extra charge. You pay upon signing a contract with the new hire.

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